About SassyFras Collection

SassyFras Collection is all about fun, flirty, beautiful, yet practical, and environmentally friendly clothing and accessories that celebrate our individuality! We focus on natural and organic fibers that provide comfort and beauty, and upcycling items to give them a new life and reduce what ends up in landfills. We use Robert Kaufman's signature Kona® Cotton Solids for the solid colors. While not organic, Kona® Cotton Solids brand is the only quilting cotton solid to come with the assurance of Oeko-tex certification, which certifies that no harmful chemicals were used in the production, processing or finishing of these goods. Just remember, whatever is on the fabric, ends up in your bloodstream. So let's avoid chemicals when we can.

Started in 2011 on Etsy, we wanted a way to share our passion for handmade goods and slow fashion. We do not follow the traditional fashion cycles of offering Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Collections, because quite frankly, we believe fashion should be timeless. We believe women should choose pieces that make them feel beautiful, strong and confident and that they will want to wear for years. 

So welcome to the new world of fashion where you - and only you - are queen! You decide what is fashionable, what expresses your individuality. Shop wisely and stay sassy!